Special Characters in Text Fields

If you have ever created or edited PowerDB Pro test forms you may have wanted to insert something besides English alphabet letters into your form label fields. For example, the characters φ, ω, θ, Ω, °, Σ and others are generally used as units, to identify values or to display equations. In PowerDB it was never easy to do (if even possible) and sometimes required the selection of the Symbol font and setting up fields with one special character.

 With the release of PowerDB version 11, there is new capability available for inserting special characters into your form text fields. Version 11 now uses the Unicode character set. This will let you apply any of the typical Greek characters that you might need, plus any other characters that are available in Unicode.

 To utilize this, locate a Unicode table on the internet. You can use the website http://unicode-table.com/en/ or search for another similar site. This particular website lets you copy a character to your clipboard and then paste it into your text field. Simply locate the character you want on that webpage, click on it and select copy to clipboard. You can then paste into your text field using Ctrl-V or using 'Paste' in the right click menu. There is no need to change the font setting. The special character will match the font settings of the other characters in that field (bold, italic, size, etc.). 

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