Lookup Tables Description

The file, LookupTables.mdb, is part of the installation package for all editions of PowerDB:  Pro, Advanced, and Lite.  Its purpose is to provide a standard file that can be accessed for commonly used temperature correction factors.  This file also contains language translations.  The file itself is password protected to prevent modifications that might render it unusable.  In addition, it is extremely important that all users within an organization use the same file to maintain integrity of test results.  If you have suggestions or you can provide information for additional lookup features, please contact PowerDB so that it can be considered for addition to the standard file. 

There are two attached documents to this article.  The first file, a PDF, describes many of the correction factors found in the database file LookupTables.mdb, and how they can be used on custom test forms.  The second file, with an extension of PXD, is a Version 10 test form that includes several simple examples of calling values from the LookupTables file.  The form, when imported into a development database, will reside in the _FORM DESIGN SAMPLES family, in the TRICKS AND TIPS subfolder.  It will be called TCF Lookup Examples.

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